Our Leadership

The Order is governed by Superiors, and a Consistory of nine, both lay and clergy. During the Annual Retreat, the gathering convenes as a synod to address issues of mission, organization, and finance.


The Rev. Dr. Robert Gross, OCC

Waukesha, Wisconsin

The Abbot serves as the Spiritual Leader and Chief Shepherd for the Order, responsible for the vision and mission of the Order and the well being of the community. Br. Bob was re-elected to a five year term as Abbot during the Order’s 2017 retreat in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.


Sister Karen Lovelace, OCC

Timonium, Maryland

The Prior serves as the Counselor to the Abbot and is responsible for much of the spiritual and liturgical education and resources for the Order and the spiritual formation of Novices.

Brother Brian.jpg


Brother Brian Smith, OCC

Cleveland, Ohio

The Steward is the keeper of the Order's finances and fiscal records, fiscal advisor to the Abbot, and scribe of meetings and gatherings of the Order.


Consistory: The Consistory, along with the Superiors, comprise our governing body.

Current Consistory Members:

Brother Ron Grubb

Brother Brian Burke

Brother Ron Heagy

Sister Selena Blackwell

Sister Jennifer Fair

Brother Mark Lukens