Membership in the Order of Corpus Christi

The Order welcomes individuals, (clergy or laity, regardless of race, class, gender identity, or sexual orientation), who affirm the theology of Mercersburg and strive to live out their life and faith according to the faith and rule of the Order. If you think the Order may be a community within which you can express your faith and nurture your spiritual growth, we encourage you to attend our Annual Retreat and begin a time of Spiritual Formation as a Novice. During the Novitiate, you will engage in directed reading, journaling, daily prayer and dialogue with a Spiritual Advisor. We hope that you will prayerfully consider uniting with the Order in life and witness.

To learn more about the Novitiate, please contact the Abbot at

While many in the Order are part of the United Church of Christ, we come from a growing variety of Christian communions.

  Abbot Bob & 2012 Newly Pro  fessed

Abbot Bob & 2012 Newly Professed

  New Novices

New Novices